Romeo and Juliet – What to look for


Romeo and Juliet

Tonight is opening night for Romeo and Juliet. It’s a long show with a lot going on in each scene, so you might miss some things if you’re not looking for them. Here’s what I saw during dress rehearsal.

For opening night, Lara O’Brien and Marcelo Martinezare Romeo and Juliet. Keeping your eye on these two
is not a bad idea. They are the main characters, but for the first couple scenes there’s so much going on that R+J can get lost — if you don’t know the story very well.

And if you don’t know the story very well — go back to high school English. If you need a refresher on the story of Romeo + Juliet, watch this video:

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Cover Up 2014: Missing Persons


Missy and Missing Persons.

Night three of the Cover Up Missy, Mike Walters, Alex Maiolo, Doug Edmunds, Kent Howard all came over to transform into the band Missing Persons. I’ll admit I had never heard of the band before. I guess I’m not old enough. But Missy sent over some photos of her costume and words like ‘fake styrofoam breasts’ and ‘costume insanity’. Yeah, that sounds fun.

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Prom Night Part 1


PROM NIGHT!!! Part 1

Seems like Kings puts on a prom show every year. This year Love Language and Slyvan Esso took Kings for two nights. Here the portraits Jacki and I made of the attendees.

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Tim’s Story

I went to prom three times in high school. It was weird. OK four times, when I was a freshman I worked as a volonteer. Sophopmore year I brought a college sophomore who never went to prom, they didn’t have prom. The two legit years I went with my first love, oh high school. One year there was a spider in my car. I had to stop my car in the middle of Glennwood Ave because I was so terrified. It was always in the school gym which was funny. And I never got the handle of wearing a tux. My senior year I actually rented one, but the other years I bought a suit from thrift stores. Even wore a ruffle shirt.

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La Boheme


NC Opera: La Boheme

Tim Myers kept walking up and down the aisle in Raleigh Memorial Auditorium.

He would stop and watch and listen to the action on the stage. Then he would walk to another part of the auditorium, stop, listen, and watch. Then he would walk to the front of the auditorium, to the assistant making notations in the thick score book. The assistant writes on a magenta Post-It note, and places it on the exact spot in the score. There were Post-It notes on every other page of the score for ‘La Boheme.’ Tim Myers walked to the back of the auditorium — listening, watching, making mental notes.

This was during North Carolina Opera’s dress rehearsal for ‘La Boehme’ and Myers, the artistic director, wasn’t leaving anything to chance. Every step, every note, every set piece, every motion had a purpose.

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NC Snow: Snowmageddon!


Winter Storm PAX + Protips

The south is pretty funny about snow. We don’t get it too often so when we do its madness. This past week Raleigh saw about 6 inches of snow and ice. Which sounds fun, until you realize that we’re in the south. And no one knows how to deal with it.
Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘You live in the south too therefore you’re also one the idiots.’

Ok thats half true. I’ve spent my share of winters in NYC, Midland Michigan, Concord New Hampshire and I’ve picked up a few protips from the locals when I was there. Heres a top 5 of snowprotips:

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Giselle – part 1


With springtime comes the possibility of new love. And when you find that love, there is much rejoicing in the village.

When Giselle meets and falls in love with a handsome young noble, it’s the happiest day of her life. She dances for joy at the promise of romance.

But not all is golden in the enchanted Rhineland and Giselle faces heartbreaking disappointment — literally.

Carolina Ballet brings the classic ballet “Giselle” to life at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium this weekend. It’s a love story not to be missed.

-Ben McNeely

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Giselle – part 2


If you were ghost, who would you haunt?

What about being haunted by a whole clan of vengeful women who were jilted by their lovers and died from broken hearts?

It is said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But can love and forgiveness transcend jealousy and death?

Go see Carolina Ballet’s “Giselle” this weekend. Or risk being haunted from beyond the grave.

-Ben McNeely

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