Earth v1


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This is an edition of 5 – hand signed and dated on the 4th panel

Can mail card blank or write a message of my own to recipient.

Photo of the Earth taken on the Apollo 11 mission.
Printed on book pages from the 1989-1990 North Carolina Manual

The combined dimensions are 18x12in vertical

The handmade card is a photo printed on a magazine page. Each card
is unique and will vary from the pictured above version, but will feature a photo I made of the moon.

Ideally these would be framed and hung near each other. With the
flaws of its journey — the string holes, folded to fit into the mail,
and anything from being in the mail — showing how far its


“Now I know why I am here.
not to get a closer look at the


but to look back at our home,
the Earth.” -Al Worden  apollo 15